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A&B Fence is a family-owned business that has been serving the Tulsa area since 1972. Built on a foundation of craftmanship, customer service, honesty and hard work; the Perry family maintains a hands-on approach to every job they take on. Experience the A&B difference today.

In 1968 Leon Perry returned home from the Vietnam War and began looking for work. After landing a few jobs he found steady work with a Tulsa fence company where he learned the trade. Soon after, Leon married and learned he had a child on the way.  Realizing he would need a higher salary to provide for his family, he went to his boss and asked for a raise. Despite being happy with his work, his boss explained that would not be able to give him a raise at that time. Disappointed,  Leon gave his two-weeks notice and began the process of starting his own fence company.

In 1972 Leon took the leap and founded A&B Fence. Like any new business it took time to get the word out but he was persistent and the hard work paid off with A&B becoming the company he needed to provide for his ever-growing family. By 1976 Leon was the proud father of two future employees and was making a name for himself with his craftsmanship and honesty.  A&B Fence’s future leadership was completed in 1987 with the birth of Leon’s third son.

The Perry’s taught their sons the value of workmanship and passed along the work ethic that had served Leon so well in the early days of the business. As the boys learned the trade, they continued to build the family business based on their father’s insistence on never cutting corners and making quality and reliable work their calling card.

In 2009 Leon turned the company over to his three sons with complete confidence that he had taught them how to run a successful company.  Today the company is stronger than ever but still every bit the family business it has always been.  John does the estimating and both Mike and Ryan run installation crews. This ensures that every job, regardless of size, has an owner on site at all times. A&B Fence has been in business for 44 years, and as a third generation learns the trade, they do so with the same values Leon founded the company on.


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